The Basic

1. What We Do
Well, we make your life easier by not having to get to the laundry. Laundryhero offers premier services, pickup, delivery and a speedy turnaround on every order, all for the same price as your local laundry.

2. Self service
Sometimes doing it yourself is easier,practical and no time chasing.That is why we offer 24 hours self service machines at our store,so you don’t have to worry if you’re travelling the next day or simply working at odd shift hours.You will be sure that the next hour your clean laundry would be ready! We repeat thats 24 HOURS 365 DAYS OPEN.

3. Requesting a Pickup
Schedule a pickup by calling any of our store. We will make sure that our delivery guys comes over and handle from there on.

4. Contact Us
Questions, changes, compliments and concerns can all be directed to We promise our team will answer all of your concern regarding your laundry needs.

2 thoughts on “Products

  1. Jacq says:

    Im aware that ur glenmarie branch has closed, I’m d regular customer in glenmarie and Im staying in subang jaya.
    Since u hv available of pick up n delivery service, may I know more details on it?
    My usual charges for dress @rm 9/PC’s, blous & pants @rm 6/pc., curtain rm 15..Cox every week I will send my dresses to ur shop.
    Pls let me know . Thx.


    1. tslaundry says:

      Dear ma’am, firstly we would like to apologize for not getting to you on this matter. We have taken note from HQ that you have called in ,please give us some time for us to arrange the appropriate services to cater you and everyone in Glenmarie. We value our customer and we would like to thank you for using our services.


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